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About The Body Of Evidence

Is it true?

Does taking massive doses of vitamins really reduce the size of a cancerous tumour? Are pharmaceutical companies poisoning us with chemicals and is “natural” where it’s at? Should we all be gluten free? or fat free? or carb free? Can the signs of ageing be reversed with a 300$ tube of beauty cream?

The Internet allows fantasies to thrive, but your health (and wallet) should not be the target of nonsense. There is a body of evidence out there, and Dr. Christopher Labos and Jonathan Jarry are staring it right in the face.

Through a podcast, a shared blog, and videos (and even appearances on the radio and in person), they explore what reproducible evidence has to say on important medical topics, and how scientific thinking shouldn’t be the sole purview of researchers. The bickering is just the cherry on top.

If you have a question you would like answered or a topic broached on the podcast, email it to us as thebodyofevidence@gmail.com, our official email address.


The Body of Evidence is made with Canadian pride in Montreal. It wouldn’t be possible without these amazing people:

Joseph Hackl, brilliant singer-songwriter-musician. You can enjoy his music at www.VoodooJazz.ca.

Jillian Kate, yet another astounding singer-songwriter-musician. You can enjoy her music on YouTube.

Ada McVean, science student who doesn't shy away from asking tough questions. You can find her on Twitter at @AdaMcVean and read her science articles at www.mcgill.ca/OSS.

Jacob Meza, enthusiastic vox popper with a California flavour. You can listen to his comedy-folklore podcast, So It Is Told, here: http://toppodcast.com/podcast_feeds/so-it-is-told-jacob-meza/

Matteo Zamaria, awesome photographer. You can contact him through his website, www.matteozamariaphotography.com.

Wassim El-Mounzer, curious by nature, funny by design, and vox popper by trade (or something like that!). You can follow him on Twitter at @matprendre.

Thanos Michailopoulos, master of the comedic vox pop segment. You can follow him on Twitter at @thanosmic.

Isabelle Stephen, exuberant photographer. You can contact her through her website, www.photologia.ca.

Vincent-louis Apruzzese, graphic artist, designer, and animator. You can check out his awesome portfolio at www.behemothmedia.com (be sure to look up his drawings on Flickr!)

And big thanks to Geoff for making this happen online.

Theme music for the podcast is "Troll of the Mountain Swing" by The Underscore Orkestra and used under its Creative Commons license.

Additional music is by Kevin MacLeod. You can find his extraordinarily diverse music at incompetech.com.